Silver(II) fluoride – 5g

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Silver(II) fluoride is a chemical compound with the formula AgF₂. It is a rare example of a silver(II) compound. Silver usually exists in its +1 oxidation state. It is used as a fluorinating agent.


Silver(II) fluoride is a strong fluorinating and oxidizing agent used in the fluorination and preparation of organic is also used in the fluorination of aromatic compounds, although selective monofluorinations are more difficult.2 Silver(II) fluoride also oxidizes xenon to xenon difluoride in anhydrous HF solutions, and carbon monoxide to carbonyl fluoride.3 In recent research involving fluorofullerene preparations it was used in the  fluorination of C60 to yield a new compound C60F44 as the predominant product.4 It has also been used in the  fluorination of highly fluorinated organic compounds.5
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Signal Word: Danger
Hazard Statements: H272.2, H301, H311, H314, H318, H331
Precautionary Statements: P220, P261, P280, P310, P301 + P310, P305 + P351 + P338
UN#: UN1479
Packing Group: II
Hazard Class: 5.1
RTECS: VW4200000
Limited Quantities: 1.0 L (0.3 gallon) (liquid) or 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) (solid)
Excepted Quantities: Max Inner Pack (30g or 30ml) and Max Outer Pack (500g or 500ml)

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